Our People

Our Security Handlers and Security Dogs are used by our clients throughout the country to guard assignments such as construction sites, business parks, trading estates through to private houses and private estates.

To gain this level of service we have very strict training regimes.  CAPS Security Ltd. believes in investing in people, so our staffs are continually training to allow improvement of all standards.  Security dog handling courses are mentally and physically demanding.  These courses include how to groom and care for the dog, how to command and control, obedience, and agility exercises.  Controlled aggression, indication of intruders, building and open searches, and tracking are all in the general remit of a professional security dog team.

All our Security Dog Handlers and Security Dogs are trained to NASDU and BIPDT standards.  The handlers keep their own dog and at the end of shift they go home.  Our company will not consider keeping “pool” dogs or multi handler dogs like a lot of other companies.  Our handlers and dogs are a team and this helps our security dog patrols be the best they can be.

On many of our sites these teams are in contact with the general public and Client employees.  Our handlers and security dogs are trained to work safely within this environment so they do not pose a danger to anyone going about their lawful business and work.

We tailor our security dog patrol services to meet the needs and requirements of each of our clients.  All handlers are discreet and professional in their manner to promote confidence and enhance our Clients image and business interests.

Our commitment to our security teams through continuous training and assessments ensure that all our security dog handlers are kept up to the highest Professional standards.