Businesses and Homes are always at risk from theft and vandalism. Even with state of the art alarm systems, it’s only as good as the response it receives.

Benefits of key holding include;

Our Patrol Units will respond to alarm activations, during closed periods, meaning there is no risk to employees of intruder confrontation, next day fatigue, key holders committing drink driving offences and in addition conforms to your health and safety requirements. Our patrol units are carefully trained to liaise with the Police, alarm companies and repair contractors to secure your premises as soon as possible. CAPS Security Ltd. provide a safe and reliable keyholding service that works hand in hand with the alarm monitoring service. Therefore our patrol units can gain access to your property and deal with situations immediately. We have a short initial meeting with you discussing the layout of your premises and alarm system. We then agree on instructions relating to entry procedures, for the use of our attending Patrol Unit. The relevant keys are collected and a receipt is given. Your keys are coded and sealed within our secure control room. The seal will only be broken when we attend your premises due to an alarm activation.

If we think the activation was caused due to a serious nature, we inform you or your nominated emergency contact by telephone to gain further instructions. We then, if required, arrange attendance of the Police or repair companies to ensure that your premises are left fully secure.

The Policy of the ‘Association of Chief Police Officers’ (ACPO), requires that each premises must have at least two keyholders, one must be available at all times. Each keyholder must have a telephone and a means of transport at all times and must be capable of responding quickly to an attendance request, day or night. Should you not comply with their requirements, the Police may withdraw response to your premises. In addition, your alarm receiving centre will not be permitted to notify the Police of alarm activations unless keyholding information, is available. CAPS Security Ltd. ensure all the above is taken care of. Our Patrol Units will attend your premises in response to alarm activations during closed periods.  If you have to call out key staff during the night, they may be absent from work the next day. You also lose the cost involved paying staff, providing transport or mobile phones and will be complying with Health and Safety regulations.